Questions Regarding My Handmade Jewellery and Related Information

What are 'Signature' Pieces?

Whilst most of my jewellery is one of a kind, there are some pieces that are either requested again and again or I have enough materials to make a number of the same item - in this case, you can expect to find these on the site until I have either run out of the materials or until the interest in them appears to have ended - bear in mind that each piece of jewellery, even if it is a 'copy' of the piece shown will be slightly different from the last - this is the nature and hopefully the beauty of handmade jewellery.

How long does delivery take in the case of 'Signature' Items?

The site says it will take between 1-2 weeks to get your 'Signature' piece to you - this is to cover myself in times when I am particularly busy or perhaps I may have to wait for some component or other; where at all possible, I try hard to beat this deadline; but if you have a specific date you need an item for, please let me know and again, I will try very hard to work with you; I would appreciate such requests via e-mail rather than telephone.

How often are new items added to the website?

Generally speaking, one or two times a month, subject to other work commitments.

How are items packaged?

Purchases will be packaged in an organza or velvet bag, wrapping paper or a gift box; if you want something gift wrapped, please let me know - some people like me to mail their purchases direct to friends or family, and I can help with this.

If An Item Is Marked as Sold, Is it Possible to Make Another?

Possibly....or perhaps make something similar - with most of my jewellery, I tend to make 'one of a kind pieces' (I have a low boredom threshold I think!) but I may have enough materials to make another one or something similar - bear in mind that each piece of jewellery, even if it is a 'copy' of the piece shown will be slightly different from the last - this is the nature and hopefully the beauty of handmade jewellery.

If I see a piece of jewellery is it possible to make a matching piece?

I am sometimes asked to make earrings to match a bracelet or a necklace to match some earrings (etc.) - again, it may be possible and it is worth asking, though it depends on what materials I have in my clutches to do so....especially in the case of antique beads, its not always possible to match jewellery, but please do ask and I can at least let you know.

Are you able to make something to a customers design or specification?

If you are looking for something special, please enquire - this site is designed to sell off the peg pieces, but time permitting, I can work with you to achieve what you are looking for.

How are Bracelets Measured?

I purchased a special bracelet measuring device called a bracelet mandrel - this is a sort of cone shaped item over which I place the bracelet and it measures the inside diameter of the bracelet - measuring the length of a bracelet (as I had been doing previously) is not a particularly effective way of giving you the measurement; the inside diameter is of course influenced by whether I have used large stones or pieces of silver or glass in the construction of the piece, and sometimes a bracelet which may measure approx. 8.5 inches may in fact have an inside diameter of, say, 6.5 inches - much more like the size of your wrist perhaps? This measurement now corresponds to the way you would measure your wrist with a piece of string or a tape measure. I have revised all the current available bracelets to reflect this, and I am working on the sets and antique items.

What if I want something like a necklace or bracelet made longer or shorter?

E-mail me with your query and I can take a look at the piece in question; I can then get back to you with prices for restringing or adding an extender chain; its much easier if you e-mail rather than telephone, because I can look at the piece, consider it and answer at the same time rather than your having to wait.

How is the Drop (Length) of Earrings Measured?

I measure the drop on earrings from the bottom of the earring fitting (where the earring begins) to the bottom. This measurement can be slightly affected if you choose to change to screw-fitting (non-pierced) earrings from those shown (this tends to shorten them very very slightly).

Is it possible to change gold-filled or gold earrings to non-pierced fittings?... is possible with gold (but currently not with gold-filled)...but the fittings are dependent on the gold price at the time - if you do want to change, I can speak to my gold people and find out how much these findings are; please ask if you are interested in this.

What is the difference in the earring fittings? (See photos below)

I usually offer either sterling silver leverbacks for pierced ears or screw-type fittings for non-pierced - unfortunately the price of silver is so volatile at present that the ear-screws in particular are subject to price change - but just for reference, these are the fittings normally used - anything else is photographed for you individually with the particular earrings.

Where do you source your materials from?

All over the world - anywhere I can! As you may know, my husband Mark and I also own a Bead supply company called BeadAddict (see the links page) you can imagine this does help when I run out of a particular colour of Swarovski or something....(I just run downstairs and sneakily help myself); however, it really doesn't matter where I am - I am always looking for the next thing to add to my beady stash...I think all jewellery makers are magpies and I have a collection of materials in my studio - from antique and vintage glass, interesting and rare as well as more commonplace gems and semi-precious gemstones, strands of silk and various leathers....ohhh, the list is endless....if I can get away with it (when Mark is not around) I love adding to the collection (he predicts the floor may collapse at any time...); I adore collecting antique glass beads and handmade lampwork beads (specifically American-made artist glass and Venetian glass) and I usually deal face to face with the makers and we often end up good friends; of course, I may buy this stuff....but I really hate parting with it!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, I am able to offer many pieces on the website on a wholesale basis - please enquire for details.

How often is the site updated once an item is sold?

In the case of items which are sold, as soon as the order comes through or as soon as practically possible once the order is through to me. So, if something is offered as available on the site, you can hopefully assume it is currently available, unless someone just got in two seconds before you, in which case I will let you know and offer a refund or work with you to make something similar.

If an Item is in Stock, how long will it take to arrive?

In the case of in stock items, I try hard to mail within 3-5 working days at the latest (unless I am on holiday or similar) - if you need something for a specific date, please do tell me and I will try hard to work with you - if the wait will be longer, I will let you know. As for delivery, I use either Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery, or in the case of overseas orders, via International Signed for Delivery. All these services need to be signed for by the recipient and all are insured; so once an item is in the mail, it is in the hands of the post office - obviously, overseas orders will take longer to arrive than UK orders.

If I am overseas, how will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card provider will make a conversion of your currency to UK pounds sterling and this will show on your credit card invoice. Please, please note that it is possible to check the general amount that you will be billed by your credit card provider by using our currency converter. I do advise you do this as it is important you know how much you will be billed for for your purchase prior to your making the purchase!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me....please contact me via e-mail on

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